Buddy Comms download for Mac OS X Buddy Comms - Mac OS X
The Buddy Comms Mac OS X installer download will begin in a moment. If not, please use this direct link.
MD5 Checksum: B26C84734F18594C4A427375145D2CEC
*this installer works for OS 10.7 and newer. For OS 10.5 and 10.6, use the Java Archive (JAR) option.
Installation Instructions
Buddy Comms runs great on Mac OS X and requires just a little configuration. Follow these steps to get up and running quickly.
  1. While the installer is downloading, make sure your output and input devices are properly configured. They probably already are but it does not hurt to take a quick look. You can access your sound settings by opening System Preferences and clicking Sound. Buddy Comms uses your default output and input devices to play and record audio.
    Mac OS X audio settings
  2. You may need to configure your Mac to allow app downloads from locations other than the Mac App Store. This is done by opening System Preferences, Security & Privacy, clicking the lock icon in the bottom left corner and selecting Anywhere under the Allow apps downloaded from section.
    Mac download from anywhere setting
  3. Launch the installer (Buddy_Comms_OS_X_Installer.dmg). Look in your downloads folder if you cannot find it. Double click the Buddy Comms Installer icon to begin the installation.
    Buddy Comms Mac OS X installer
  4. You might be presented with a warning that asks you if you want to open the application. Click Open to continue.
    Mac OS X installation warning
  5. Proceed through the installer. The default options should be fine. There is no crapware bundled with the installer.
    Buddy Comms installer for Mac OS X
  6. Buddy Comms needs to be added to the Accessibility list for shortcut keys to work (voice activation, wave streaming shortcuts, etc.). This is done by opening System Preferences, Security & Privacy, Accessibility, clicking the lock icon in the bottom left corner, clicking the + icon and selecting BuddyComms from the Applications folder. You may need to restart Buddy Comms after making this change.
    Mac OS X accessibility window
  7. Launch Buddy Comms (there should be an icon in the Applications folder). Proceed through a quick tutorial. Allow Buddy Comms to help configure your audio settings.
  8. If you have any questions or want a deeper understanding of what Buddy Comms has to offer, take a look at the online software manual.
  9. Enjoy :)